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  • Tired of your job?

  • Seeking a new role but struggling?

  • Getting no proper response?

  • Losing confidence?

  • Feeling a gap in skills?

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The Career Accelerator 360

Transformation Program is for you!
 Limited seats, so book now

Do you know the 5 secrets for career success? Watch the video to learn about them.

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Limited seats available. Book now!
My name is Venkat Krishnan.
I am a social entrepreneur, a psychotherapist, a strategist, a super memory coach and a success accelerator. 

Having significant exposure to technological changes and being at the forefront of the AI revolution, I am very aware of the impact this is going to have on jobs across the world. 
And my belief is that only those who are able to learn and adapt quickly are going to be able to succeed in this constantly changing landscape.

I have been made redundant 4 times in my career and I know how to rebuild careers in different industries, countries and roles and I have put together this program to help people who may be stuck in their careers.

There is no other program like this in the world that helps you understand yourself deeply, understand where the market and economy is headed and how you can identify and work on your skills, experience, network and brand gaps leveraging AI and NLP tools to transition to a successful career. 

I have successfully transformed many careers and I would like you also to be one of the ones that succeeds. 

So go ahead and register yourself for this course. If you are not satisfied, I shall return all your money!!! 
Limited seats available. Book now!

Program Format


4 x Online weekly  workshops

Rapid Brand, Skill and network development

Check Ins

Weekly 2 online check ins for coaching and networking

Supportive & collaborative environment


Get access to Braintree Network for continuous development and networking opportunities

Weekly workshops held Online over 4 weeks

3 Key pillars to training

Inner Engineering

  • Breaking patterns & inhibiting behviors
  • Conquering fear and being unstoppable
  • Crystallizing vision and goals
  • Challenger mindset

Skills Builder

  • AI enabled brand development 
  • Automated rapid jobs application
  • Power communication
  • Emotional intelligence 
  • Body language
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Network Development

  • Growing your network while you sleep
  • Networking platform
  • Negotiation strategies
  • Positioning for leadership in interviews
  • Ongoing community structure to support development

What's covered in the program


Goal Setting
  • Draft Your Vision & Mission – Find your Ikigai

  • Knowing Yourself – Understand your own personality and where you fit in

  • Create A Plan – Create a structure that helps you create a plan

  • Networking – Know your group


Brand Building
  • Break Limiting Patterns – Work through what are your own limiting beliefs, values and break free of fear

  • Brand Development– LinkedIn & Resumes  set up

  • Networking – Leaning on your group


Cracking the Human Code
  • Power Communication – Being unstoppable in the face of no agreement, Body language reading, active listening

  • Brand Development Automation – Market yourself while you sleep

  • Networking – Use your group


Mind Training
  • Case Interviews – Crack the code of being smarter and always prepared in all forms of interviews

  • Power, Influence & Leadership – Learning how to use NLP techniques to influence others

Career Accelerator 360 Program – Worth $5000

Memory Mastery - Worth $1000

LinkedIn Profile – Worth $599

Resume Development - Worth $799


Total Value: $7398


With Ongoing Membership Available - $75 p/m or $600 p/a


Is this right for you?


Do you find yourself thinking...

  • “I can’t afford it”
    - If money is tight right now, we can arrange payment installments. That way you can focus on honing your skills for financial security.


  • “I would rather spend it on developing a skill for my next job.”
    - What if I could help you accelerate your learning curve for all the skills required for the next job?


Well, I have great news for you…


In addition to the powerful NLP techniques you will learn, I have decided to include a component of my highly acclaimed Mind and Memory Mastery training. This will ensure you retain the benefits of the program and will have you achieving your goals faster.

🤩🤩🤩The added value of the Mind and Memory Mastery training component is worth $1000.
This will be included at no extra cost for participants of the Career Accelerator 360 Program🤩🤩🤩

This month we are offering substantial savings on our training


Career Accelerator 360 Program:  Reduced from $5000 to $2,500


Memory Mastery:  Reduced from $1000  to a Free Bonus! 🤩


LinkedIn Profile*:  Reduced from $599  to $299


Resume Development*:  Reduced from $799  to $399


Total Price $2,500 only!!!

(A saving of $4,898)


*In the program we teach step by step how to build your LinkedIn profile and give you access to Resume best practices. However, if you wish to outsource this, we charge a separate fee for this as per above.

* Ongoing Membership charges not included in package - $75 p/m or $600 p/a



I 100% guarantee that you will love this training. If after the end of session 2 you feel like you haven't gotten at least 5X the value of your investment I will happily refund your investment in full. All you have to do is email me before the third session of the program (after the second week) for a full refund.


You have nothing to lose and so much to achieve!


Break free from worrying about your financial future and feeling insecure and dissatisfied in your working career.


You need the confidence, the tools and the network to make this happen.


Career Accelerator 360 promises to provide the holistic solution that addresses all these facets, ensuring that you don’t just find a job, but you find the right job that aligns with your passions, skills, and financial aspirations.


Book now and enjoy a bright and powerful future.

Meenakshi Dhull

Chairwoman,  Elevate Women's Network &

Corporate Program Sponsor, Sydney

“Career Accelerator 360 is a standout in the world of development programs! This program's structured approach, perfectly aligns with world leading IDP structures, yet this is the first program I have attended that offers a holistic approach to development encompassing 3E’s of experience, exposure, and education. Kudos to Venkat for crafting such an innovative program. It strikes the right balance between challenge and support, enabling us to make an impact that goes beyond ourselves. This is a must for anyone seeking comprehensive growth. I’d recommend this to anyone in a heartbeat. Thank you Success 360!”

Michelle Lwin,

CX Engagement specialist, Sydney

The Career Acceleration Program led by Venkat was an incredibly unique program that started off with peer reflection and the importance of integrity which is something that has stayed with me since!  Throughout the program I not only learnt about different skills I could use in work and life, but it helped to spark the idea for Lean-In Circles. Fast forward a year later, the pilot was so successful that I’ve now launched this as Elevate Together Circles across Optus nationwide! Thanks Venkat, for providing the structure, support, and skills to bring my ideas to life through this program and your authentic mentoring!”

Mutsawashe Nigel Chapeyama

Biomedical Engineer, Brisbane

Each session was structured to address different aspects of one's professional journey. Prior to the program I had some preconceived notions on issues like using LinkedIn, AI tools etc but as we had each session Venkat explained and broke down those thought patterns. At the end of the program I am now seeing things differently and through Venkat's guidance I have identified key areas that need I to work on. I would 10/10 recommend his services and expertise.

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