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Are you thinking of restructuring in 2024?

Are you....

  • Concerned about impact of restructuring on families?

  • Worried about your brand?

  • Worried about company culture?

  • And maybe potential litigations?

Career Transition & Outplacement

Help transitioning employees with psychological support as well as confident career transition skills and opportunities

  • Highly affordable

  • Robust & Futuristic

  • High engagement & morale

  • Protect image & reputation

  • Legal risk mitigation


Confident Businesswoman

Restructuring is never easy

You may have perfected the art of employee onboarding and engagement but the way you say goodbye is just as important. Getting it right isn't just better for the people leaving - it is better for the team left behind. It will even boost your reputation in the wider world. 

Your people know that organizations are constantly restructuring and transformations happen, often shifting or eliminating roles. If you're open and let your employees know how you will support them through their career transitions, even redundancies can become opportunities - for them and you

We help parting colleagues make a fresh start faster. Our very unique Career Accelerator 360 program is one of a kind in the world that is defined by merging

  • Strategic psychotherapy for emotional support

  • Cutting edge neurolinguistic programming (NLP) techniques,

  • Strategic brand development,

  • AI based digital tools for marketing alongside

  • Extensive leadership development expertise

to help position individuals for a strong career transition. 

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Why are we unique?

Modern Office

Personalized coaching

Impacted employees need 1 on 1 support from expert coaches and a reliable structure to cater to their individual needs

Psychologist's Office

NLP & Psychotherapeutic approach

We use psychotherapy to deal with loss & build confidence and  NLP to help individuals achieve breakthrough career results & interviews


Cutting edge technology skills for job hunt

We teach advanced AI techniques and tools to make job hunt and brand building faster and automated 

Networking Group

Unique network build approach

Our NLP and AI tools help grow your network while you sleep whilst our group networking sessions connect you with industry specialists to accelerate your thinking 

Program Format


4 x Online/F2F (near Sydney CBD) weekly  workshops

Rapid Brand, Skill and network development

Check Ins

Weekly online check ins for coaching and networking

Supportive & collaborative environment


Get access to Braintree Network for continuous development and networking opportunities

3 Key pillars to the program

Inner Engineering

  • Breaking patterns & inhibiting behviors
  • Conquering fear and being unstoppable
  • Crystallizing vision and goals
  • Challenger mindset

Skills builder

  • AI enabled brand development 
  • Automated rapid jobs application
  • Power communication
  • Emotional intelligence 
  • Body language
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Network development

  • Growing your network while you sleep
  • Networking platform
  • Negotiation strategies
  • Positioning for leadership in interviews
  • Ongoing community structure to support development

5 secrets to career success in this video

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Meenakshi Dhull

Chairwoman,  Elevate Women's Network &

 Program Sponsor, Sydney

“Career Accelerator 360 is a standout in the world of development programs! This program's structured approach, perfectly aligns with world leading IDP structures, yet this is the first program I have attended that offers a holistic approach to development encompassing 3E’s of experience, exposure, and education. Kudos to Venkat for crafting such an innovative program. It strikes the right balance between challenge and support, enabling us to make an impact that goes beyond ourselves. This is a must for anyone seeking comprehensive growth. I’d recommend this to anyone in a heartbeat. Thank you Career Accelerator 360!”

Michelle Lwin,

CX Engagement specialist, Sydney

The Career Acceleration Program led by Venkat was an incredibly unique program that started off with peer reflection and the importance of integrity which is something that has stayed with me since!  Throughout the program I not only learnt about different skills I could use in work and life, but it helped to spark the idea for Lean-In Circles. Fast forward a year later, the pilot was so successful that I’ve now launched this as Elevate Together Circles across Optus nationwide! Thanks Venkat, for providing the structure, support, and skills to bring my ideas to life through this program and your authentic mentoring!”

Michelle Hay

CX Leader, Sydney

"It's been a pleasure to be involved with Career Accelerator 360. I've been impressed with the level of structure and support designed into the program. It has the perfect combination of knowledge and skills transfer, direct application to a community and personal goals throughout ensuring all participants are set up to succeed. It's great to see participants grow in confidence and expand their professional networks, ticking off ambitious milestones and moving closer to achieving their personal development goals and positive impacts to their community."

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Dalmeny avenue Rosebery, New South Wales 2018 Australia

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