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The Science of Memory: How Psychotherapy Can Enhance Your Recall

As parents, we want our children to succeed academically and memory plays a key role in academic excellence. Memory, in short, is a process. But how can we improve it? Memory athletes use various techniques to boost their memory and as parents, we can use these techniques to help our children with memory training. However, some children may struggle with memory issues due to underlying psychological problems. This is where psychotherapy comes in. In this blog, we’ll dive into the science of memory and explore how psychotherapy can enhance your recall.

The Science of Memory - Boosting Memory

To improve your memory, focus on boosting the initial encoding process and consolidating the information to ensure it passes into long-term memory. One way to do this is by splitting information into chunks. Acronyms are handy for this. Similarly, the more emotional the material, the more deeply it will be encoded. Therefore, it is essential to promote emotional engagement while learning.

Memory athletes often convert the material into amusing or ridiculous images, which makes them more memorable. It is a fun way to memorize and can be a great activity to do with your kids. In addition to this, repeatedly testing yourself will help to further transition material from short-term to long-term memory. Regular practice and repetition help in the consolidation of memory. Each act of recall helps reconstruct the memory, and it gets encoded more deeply. So, make sure to retrieve the learned material regularly.

Memory Tricks

Another trick is to exploit our knack for remembering spatial layouts by placing to-be-remembered material along a highly familiar route. This is the popular and ancient "method of loci" or "memory palace" technique. For instance, you can associate different parts of the information with different rooms in your house. This can be an excellent way to memorize information that is in sequence.

However, sometimes, children might have difficulty remembering even after using these techniques. Memory issues can be due to underlying psychological problems like anxiety, depression, or attention issues. Psychotherapy can help address these psychological issues that might be causing memory issues. Venkat Krishnan Psychotherapist from Braintree can help identify the underlying issues and then provide appropriate treatment.

One form of therapy that can help with memory issues is Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy (CBT). It is a short-term, goal-oriented therapy that focuses on changing negative patterns of thinking and behaviour. CBT can help reduce anxiety, depression, and improve attention, leading to better memory recall.

Memory is a crucial aspect of academic excellence, and as parents, we can help our children enhance their memory with various memory techniques. However, sometimes children might have underlying psychological problems that might affect their memory recall. In such cases, seeking therapy can be beneficial. Cognitive-behavioural therapy is a form of psychotherapy that can help address psychological issues that might affect memory recall. With the right techniques and treatment, we can help our children achieve academic excellence by enhancing their recall

Check out what Harvard Health has to say about Memory training:

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