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Super Memory Fast

When tutoring does not work, memory coaching can help get success while having fun.

  • 1 h
  • Online

Service Description

The biggest concern for parents today is kids performing academically well, getting good grades and securing spot in best universities or jobs. This makes us push our kids harder to focus and study. However, we don’t realise that no one is teaching our kids how to learn. In this specially tailored program for kids, I teach kids to have fun with learning. I teach them short cuts to memory and in turn improve their focus. I teach them learning strategies with which they will be able to learn faster and deeper than their peers. I also make kids fall in love with numbers. You will see them developing a unique relationship with numbers. They would be able to solve 2 digit and 3 digit multiplication in their heads, learn how to square numbers easily and also have fun with some cool tricks like solving magic squares. And all this while they have lots of fun. When regular tutoring fail, Braintree memory techniques can help your child achieve success

Contact Details

  • Bindon place, Zetland NSW, Australia


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