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Focus Issues?

low grades?

poor memory?

high anxiety?

expensive tuition?

Mind & Memory Mastery

You and your child deserve the best. And you may be wondering if this coaching is the best for you. Find out by booking for a free no obligation 15min consult. 

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Improve focus, improve memory, develop emotional intelligence & resilience, achieve success and just have fun doing it !!!



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1. Super Memory Fast

Short duration program to understand different memory strategies and techniques to accelerate learning power and develop super focus

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3 grounbreaking programs

2. Mind & Memory Mastery

Program with weekly sessions to learn and develop memory strategies and embed application in daily life. Enhance focus. Understand emotional intelligence. Develop confidence.  

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3. The Prodigy Project

1 year program with weekly sessions and interim workshops. Includes Mind & Memory Mastery + mentorship with successful industry leads + advanced emotional intelligence + leadership development including influencing, power, resilience + community project for brand development

1. Super Memory Fast

Learn 6 different memory strategies

Improve your focus | Learn faster | Remember longer | Expand your mind

Apply learnings to ace exams and achieve excellence

Online | In Person 

2 formats available: 2 day in person workshop or Weekly Online/in person classes

Paint Cans


Learn and apply visualization techniques to improve memory

Playing with Fidget Spinner

Focus theory

Learn the art of focus and how you can use your mind to beat any super computer

Cartoons in the Air

FILS Method

Have fun with associations and remember long lists of words and objects with ease

Spinning Top

Total Recall

Be impressed by your minds' recall capability and learn new ways to recall information

Castle on Cliffs

Memory Palace

Use memory palace to enhance your brain power

Numbered Stones

Number fun

Start speaking to numbers in a way you have never done before 

2. Mind & Memory Mastery

Weekly 1 hour sessions in person/online (depending on location and group size)

Suitable for age 10+

Application oriented and customized program to suit your individual needs

Available in 1 on 1 or group sessions

Online Class

Memory and Focus strategies

Learn memory strategies, improve focus while having lots of fun. Ace exams, improve productivity and drive success. Online/ In person sessions

Study Group

Customized learning

Apply memory and focus in unique ways to accelerate your learning. Sessions customized to your individual needs

Boat trip

Emotional intelligence

Learn neurolinguistic programming techniques to grow emotional intelligence, read body language and learn how to influence others effectively.

Successful Teenagers

Resilience and success

Improve self confidence and courage and ability to withstand life's challenges. Drive resilience and success in your life

3. The Prodigy Project

Get your child to realize their true potential and gift them a head start in building a great life for themselves. An elite program that will catapult their skills, build a champion mindset, open their mind to new possibilities, connect them with leaders and mentors and enable them to create an impact with a social/entrepreneurial project. Suitable for ages 12+. Book a free 15min consult to learn more about this program and whether it would be suitable for your child. 


Skills Development

Award Winner

Champion mindset

Business Consultation



New Possibilities


Community Impact


About me




Venkat Krishnan

My name is Venkat.  I am a super-power memory coach, a Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner and a trained strategic psychotherapist. I am also a leadership coach and a serial social entrepreneur. I have also held several corporate leadership positions in strategy, transformation and innovation arenas and have led several successful teams. ​


Over the years, I have been on an incredible journey to understand the depths of both the conscious and the subconscious minds and in that process I have learnt from great masters in memory training, hypnotherapy and brain development.


I have encapsulated my learnings into simple building blocks and developed these programs that help young minds unleash their inner potential and unlock the door to success, all the while having lots of fun.​ This state of the art program can lead to accelerated learning, improved focus and memory recall capability and more mindfulness.

The elite Prodigy Project goes even further and embeds some of the learnings in world leading B-schools to impart this knowledge to the young participants and helps them launch themselves powerfully into the future to build a life they can cherish and love. Connect with me to learn more. 


My passion is to share this amazing knowledge I have and in that process touch, move and inspire young minds to achieve what they think is impossible.

(Working with Children's Check number provided on request)

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83, Dalmeny Avenue, Rosebery

+61-422 266 063

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Venkat is a true master of the craft of memory training. He brings a passion and love to his teaching that only a true student and lover of knowledge possesses. 
He is rigourous with his methods and kind and caring in his delivery. 
Overall Venkat helped me address my mental barriers, of which the majority were preconceptions about my abilities, and led me through 10 fascinating and enjoyable sessions around memory training techniques and retention, including both theory and application. I can truly say I levelled up!

Alex V

Memory training Program

Alexa Young, CA

Aborigine Bark Painting

The Evolution of Memory Training

From the ancient Greeks to modern times, the art and science of memory training have been continually refined. The foundations of memory techniques can be traced back to the aborigines who used dream time stories to etch into their memories everything about the world they lived in and how to survive and this information they passed on from generation to generation.

Then came the great orators of classical Greece, such as Simonides of Ceos. They employed the "Method of Loci", which involved visualizing objects or information within familiar locations, such as rooms in a building or spots in a market, to better recall their speeches.

Fast forward to the Middle Ages, the "Ars Memorativa" or "Art of Memory" was a widely practiced technique among scholars and theologians. These methods entailed the use of intricate visual images and associations, turning abstract data into memorable and vivid imagery.

With the dawn of the modern era, there was a renewed interest in cognitive psychology and the mechanisms of memory. Researchers began to understand the intricacies of short-term and long-term memory, leading to techniques such as chunking and spaced repetition. Technologies like flashcards and later digital platforms like Anki and SuperMemo built upon these techniques, making memory training more systematic and efficient.

Today, in our information-driven age, memory training is not just for competitions or academic pursuits but has become a valuable skill for personal and professional development and is a must for survival as rate of change of technology outpaces human evolution. As we look back, it's evident that the essence of memory training remains the same: transforming the intangible into the tangible, making the forgotten unforgettable.

Why do you need Memory Training

"Our Brain is nothing but a muscle. Like we exercise our body muscles to stay fit and in shape, our brain muscles also need exercise and Memory training is the way to do it.

Memory training is more than just enhancing recall—

  • it sharpens focus,

  • boosts cognitive agility, 

  • fosters lifelong learning,

  •  we become more adept at problem-solving,

  • more efficient in our daily tasks, and

  • better equipped to connect the dots in complex situations.

Today the rate of change of technology and AI gives us anxiety and makes us doubt our own capabilities. With Memory training, gain the skills and the confidence to learn faster and position yourself ahead of the pack.

If you are sending your child for tutoring and not getting the results you seek, then Memory training may give your child the success they deserve and seek.


Dive into memory training, and empower not just your mind, but your entire life journey."

Leave your details to download course brochure

83, Dalmeny Avenue, Rosebery

+61-422 266 063

Click to download brochure

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